Untimely Reviews – Iron Man

It sure is nice to see some 5 star untimely movies. After a series of barely watchable sequels I'm not sure how to react to a bona fide good movie much less a good movie about a comic book superhero. In 5 words, one for each star, "Iron Man" is the real deal. Here are five things I like about the movie "Iron Man":

  1. a good story.
  2. good actors
  3. great villains
  4. great action
  5. a female character who is more than eye candy

Certainly I'm no trained writer, but I also appreciated the subtle foreshadowing. I also have a large load of "Iron Man" comics and action figures that will increase in value, but that's besides the point.

An avid news watcher, I know that when "Iron Man" hit the theaters last spring, it was popular. Unlike most crash-and-burn movies, "Iron Man" stayed popular. It had something called word-of-mouth. I was certainly swayed when ordinary people, i.e. the 99% of the population that does not read comic books, recommended this movie. Of course, having just had a baby, I didn't have to see it. Thank goodness for fast turnarounds on rentals.

Because "Iron Man" is so special, I rented it through the new medium of digital downloads. After owning an Xbox 360 for over a year, I actually bought Microsoft Points, a.k.a. fake money, to rent "Iron Man" in stunning high definition. Well, to be honest, it was decent 720p content. If you don't what that means, you are going to be in for a shock on February 19th, 2009! My wife and then sat down to watch our first HD movie on my 22" monitor. We sat real close. "Iron Man" did not dissapoint. For the first time since "Terminator 2", I was actually impressed by computer generaged images instead of nauseated at obvious effects. Tony Stark himself could not have done better.

The boy who made "Swingers" did good. "Iron Man" is so money. No spoilers here, just a simple recommendation that everyone see it. Some of the content is definitely not suitable for kids, and watching soldiers get cut down in a fictional Afghanistan was extra shocking because my big brother is serving in Iraq. For teens and adults, he violence is worth it. The message of being responsible with your life is done well. This is certianly the highest rated untimely review ever to appear on this blog.

Huzaa to "Iron Man" the movie!

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