Just Silly – Hollywood often gives birth to twins

I was all set to post about how movies often come in pairs. That is, when a movie about a certain subject comes out, a movie that is very, very similar comes out soon after. Well, those professional bloggers beat me to it, further proving that there are no new ideas.

The list laden website Den of Geek compiled a list of its top 10 movie clones. 1998 was an especially good bad year for clones, with two movies about earth destroying asteroids and two computer animated movies about ants. Notably, both movies about mars in 2000 were laughably terrible. I for instances. Chuckled when a biochemist in "Red Planet" listed the four genetic base pairs as "A, G, T, and P". Generally, if two movies are about the same topic, neither can be all that good.

Den of Geek's list does not include all of the clone movies. I've noticed this trend since two Robin Hood movies came to theatres in 1991 and a year later when two Christopher Columbus movies that came out on the 500th anniversary of his most famous discover. Rounding out the biopics, runner Prefontaine also hit the movie clone jackpot in 1997 and then 1998. Now copies are routine, like the two movies about animals in a New York zoo escaping to the wilds of Africa in 2005 and 2006.

It just goes to show that creativity can't be learned but it sure can be borrowed.

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