Just Silly – my best hack ever

I am a big fan of doing more with less (material and work). The best hacks, a.k.a. DIY projects, are the simplest. My Blackberry is no iPhone but it is handy on the road and also makes a nice companion in the office for quickly looking at new e-mails. It has big flaw: its USB socket is on the side. The cord couldn't be in a worse position for desk use of a Blackberry. While charging, the Blackberry naturally contorts away from a good reading position. When disconnected, the cord would often fall behind my desk. A prone Blackberry is not ergonomically easy to look at either. Desk mounts are not really that expensive, but I am loathe to spend money just the same.

My solution: tacking the USB cable and Blackberry to my bulletin board. The tacks and board are effectively free from my employer. Set-up was easy and the whole arrangement is further customizable. The cord no longer falls behind my desk. The Blackberry is in a nice upright position to display incoming e-mails, calls, and reminders. Huzaa to thumbtacks!

Total cost: $0
Time spent: 5 minutes

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