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MacJournal makes Vox obsolete :(

MyVox page looks like a MacHeist outlet, but this is not just a case of sharing the Mac love. One of the apps in the NanoBundle2 is MacJournal by Mariner Software. It helps you take notes, organizes information, is a journal, and best of all, blogs for you. Just enter your blogging info and it will upload posts for you. Pictures require an extra hoop of signing up with Google Picasa to link pictures, but I haven't really gotten to that part yet. 

Anyway, MacJournal does not support Vox. You know what that means. I'm dropping Vox. The online editor is flaky, and often results in me looking at my own page in the edit window and losing all my data. MacJournal is a perfect and safe solution, for another blog venue like LiveJournal or Blogger. I'll miss ya' Voxy.
BTW, The NanoBundle2 includes 3 more apps, two games and a iTunes interface, for tweeting your purchase to your friends. Not too shabby.

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