Getting in Shape, for Realz This Time

Before and After

Back in October, my office ran a weight loss competition. I wanted to lose weight already and now there were cash prizes involved. Also, there is no better motivator than a little friendly competition.

My plan was simple, diet & exercise. No more donuts at lunch. An entire hour of exercise everyday. I knew it was working every afternoon my belly was grumbling with hunger and every evening I got off my exercise bike covered in sweat. The weekly weigh-ins provided another good indicator, actually losing weight.

After the first week, I was happy with how much weight I lost, healthily between 1 and 2 pounds. However, some folks at my office lost five percent of their body weight in the first week. Clearly I wasn’t going to win any money. This whole exercise would have to be about my waistline and my longevity.

The competition ended right before Thanksgiving. As you can see in the picture above, I’ve lost weight but still have a ways to go. So except for the feast days of the winter season, I kept right on eating less and exercising more. And when my office started another even friendlier competition for the new year, I was down another couple of pounds from the first round.

Here’s my progress in chart form:

weight loss chart

And here’s the feel good chart showing just the pounds lost:

feel good chart

Now that’s motivating 🙂


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