Settling the Apple Tax Debate for All Time

1 versus 200

Apple recently announced new laptops with Thunderbolt, a port that delivers ones and zeros at 10Gbps. But is this new technology worth paying the Apple Tax? The list price for Apple’s most expensive laptop is $2,499, but a savvy shopper knows to click on the most expensive options available on the 17” MacBook configuration page. Clicking on everthing, 0.1 more Ghz to the processor4GB more RAM, 512GB SSD, a 27" external display, iWork and Mircosoft Office, some File Maker whatever (I’m not reading the descriptions, alpha consumers don’t do that), etc. puts the real cost of a MacBook for an in-the-know shopper at $7,186.85. That’s actually less than the near $8000 Alienware laptop from Dell, clicking all options of course, but I’ll save the Dell Tax for another day.

much dinero Dell

MacBook for moneybags

$7,186.85 is a pretty steep price for an e-mail machine, so I Googled for "world’s cheapest laptop" and the top result is a $35 touch screen computer announced by India more than six months ago. This not actually produced aspirational marvel of modern science is detailed here and here. The laptop has a "touchscreen gadget", "internet browsers, PDF reader, and video conferencing facilities". That’s "internet browsers" plural. The new Macbooks only comes loaded with one internet browser. Advantage $35 Indian laptop.

35 dollar laptop

Because the $35 Indian laptop has "internet browsers", it can connect to every computer on the internet. Like Skynet, internet computers can be big and powerful. That means the $35 Indian laptop has access to unimaginably more computing power and storage than the new Mackbooks. Thus, the internet nullifies every advantage the MacBook has over the $35 Indian laptop except for Apples Thunderbolt stuff. However, the $35 Indian laptop can access all this world dominating processing power and storage capacity with more than one internet browser, so double advantage $35 Indian laptop.

Now lets compare prices. The $35 Indian laptop costs only $35. At least when it exists, that’s what it might cost, assuming it actually does cost $35. So let’s compare the $7,186.85 cost of a MacBook to the announced $35 cost of a $35 Indian laptop. The 17" MacBook Pro configured earlier costs 205 times as much as the $35 Indian laptop. Which would you rather have, one overpriced MacBook or 200 of the world’s cheapest laptop? If you live in a 1000 sqft apartment, that’s one $35 Indian laptop for every 5 sqft of apartment. You’ll never be more than arms reach of a computer again. To me, that would be much better than this Thunderbolt thingy.


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