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Cat Door

2 grey cats

My Only Cat Picture

This Saturday’s project was installation of a cat door. We had an old cat door kit, complete with VHS video tape instructions. This project was a long time coming.

The cat door is made for installation into a full sized human door. Our problem was the size and shape of our fancy doors. The cat door works better with plain slab doors. Then my wife had a eureka moment: install the cat door into the wall. This created a new problem: how to install a 2 inch deep cat door into a 5 inch deep wall. The solution involved a lot of sawing.

how to cut with a table saw

A simple plan.

The easiest task was sawing into the dry wall. The hard part was making an insert for the cat door. I settled on an extra piece of shelving from our basement. It comes pre-laminated in white. The catch is how to set the pieces in the wall between the the drywall. I used an old trick, running the pieces along my table saw over and over until I gouge out enough of the piece to set it inside the wall along the dry wall. You can buy special blades for this very purpose, but why spend money when you can do something over and over again for free.

Fitting the pieces into the wall spaces was a bit of trial and error. For the bottom piece, I stacked some scrap wood from the sill plate and mixed and matched pieces until I came to the right height. For the side piece, I used a friction fit and then screwed the piece in with the cat door frame. The top piece was challenging. I had to hold it up while I screwed it in with the cat door frame. One side of the cat door is a stud (the 2″ x 4″ framing). There was no room to use a shelf piece, so I covered it with the adhesive strips that came with the cat door. The results were better than I had expected. Most importantly, the cats love it.

cat door in a wall

The Finished Door


Losing a tooth

My seven year old son lost his first tooth today.
7 year old mission one tooth

First lost tooth.

You can almost make out my wife’s reflection in his glasses.

Test Post with Blogsy

I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while. MobileMe died about a year and a half ago, and took my iWeb produced blog with it. My motto has always been to own your stuff, but self hosting a blog has many challenges, not the least of which is paying a hosting service. My wife asks if my blog or website would have any person beyond my own gratification. In fact, my own gratification is the sole purpose for posting my thoughts on the web.

Let this be a test of Blogsy, a $5 iPad app that is rated number one among blogging apps. For this test, I present a simple comic I made with Comic Life for the iPad.

Comic regarding the story "Stone Soup"

Stone Soup