iPhone 4S Case Roundup

This is the awful way I shop. When looking for a slimmer and trimmer iPhone case, I looked at every alternative. This is what I found:

Splash RaveSkin for iPhone 4s

$25. This is the case my wife uses. Fantastic trimness and grippiness.


Griffin FlexGrip Punch for iPhone 4 White

$9. Nice price.


Incase Men’s Perforated Snap Case V2 for Iphone 4, White, One Sizeby Incase Designs

$10. Interesting look.


Slip Stopper [Marble White]

$20. The uncase.


Slice 3 for 4S (thinnest case at 0.35mm thin)

$26. So thin. Is it grippy enough?


Zero 5 PRO Clear Collection UltraThin case (0.5mm rubber and plastic case)

$20. Thin with a rubbery side. Looks great.


Grey AeroGrip Edge (bumper)

$15. The bumper’s dimensions are greater than some cases.


Skinit Infinity Case (custom images on back)

$25. Made for use with custom images.


Hex X Supra Core (black or white fabric case)

$16. Great look and feel to these sturdy and grippy fabric cases.


Tech21 D3O® Impact Band

$35. Futuristic. Complaints that the buttons are too hard to press.


Kensington K39278US Band Case for iPhone 4 and 4S

$15. A simple and thin bumper. Grippiness may be an issue.


egrips® / Gecko Strips Apple iPhone 4S non-slip kit

$20. Another un-case. If you never drop your phone, you do not need a case.


Zoom Lens Case

$35. A slim and trim case with a detachable zoom lens.

zoom lens

ZooGue Social Case Pro

$10 Grippy edge and it comes in white.

No name case off Ebay

$4 Completely cheap feel. Too Slippery.


I chose the terrible $4 no name bumper from Ebay. At $4, it is probably overpriced. The case was far to slippery for ordinary use. After a little internet research, I found a tip to help make it grippier. Rub it with a scouring pad. After about a half an hour, the glossy plastic became a bit duller and much grippier. The case also took on a green tint from the scouring pad. You know the old saying. You get what you pay for.


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