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PS4 Wins the War

Not that long ago I made the case for choosing the PS4 over the Xbox. Since then, Microsoft revealed the expected $500 price tag for the Xbox One and Sony revealed a surprising $400 price tag for the PS4. Even more surprising, game discs are now dead on the Xbox One. Games can be purchased on disc, but all of the data will be stored on the Xbox One and the game will be activated on the Xbox One. After activation, the disc becomes a useless coaster. Sony will treat game discs as they are now, an embodiment of the software license. Trade the disc, trade the license. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming positive response is for Sony, and Sony has won the console war before it even started.

[Update: I was not the only wary of Microsoft’s change in policy. Popular revulsion forced Microsoft to drop the internet activation. Xbox One game licenses will live on the disc just like they do now on the Xbox 360.]

On further consideration, however, I have a lot of games left to play on the Xbox 360, including Kinect titles my kids have not dared to try (they hate Kinect). There are many advantages the Xbox 360 has over the Xbox One and PS4:

– costs $0 because I already own it
– the only console with Halo until later in 2014
– HUUUGE game library
– backwards compatibility
– used game trading
– Kinect is optional, you don’t have to suffer through it if you dont’ want to
– New game releases this year (COD:Ghosts, Destiny, GTAV, sports games)
– the only console with Minecraft in 2013
– Plays HD movies and TV shows
– works without an internet connection
– works with existing Xbox 360 hardware (no need to buy 3 new controllers)

The pluses are greater for a PS3 because it includes a Blu-Ray player and let’s you use Netflix at no extra charge. Huzzah for current gen tech!