Single Parent Parenting

My wife went to a music festival back in June and I took a couple of days off work to watch the kids. I always have these high minded ideas of doing some enrichment or skill building with the kids, but these were vacation days, so I was focused on having fun. My daughter was not feeling well (not because she missed mommy), and our expeditions were accordingly short. Besides, I did not want to have to take her to the men’s bathroom. The big adventure on our first day was a trip to the park where we say four deer, followed deer tracks in the sand, and made sand drawings. The big adventure on our second day was a trip to Living History Farms where we fed turkeys, rode behind a tractor, and bought old fashioned candy at the general store. On the third day, the kids wanted a rest, so we stayed home all day. They love doing that.

Days with Dad Comic

Their favorite activity was playing Minecraft. Mom wants nothing to do with Minecraft or the Xbox in general. We played split screen on my Xbox 360. My daughter mostly watches me play for her, and loves telling me what to build and where to build it. It is also a good time for dad to lay down and take a break 🙂

Interesting side note: one of the playground pieces we saw on our first day out had a little hole in it and the sand that fell through piled up into a nice cone.

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