EverClip, Making Evernote Work on the iPad

The problem is copying and pasting multiple items into Evernote on the iPad. This app solves the problem. For anyone who uses Evernote, EverClip is a must buy.

Plenty of apps, browsers, and bookmarklets support Evernote clipping. But these only let you clip one thing to one note. There are also the apps like Scrapnote and EleEditor that support clipping and arranging various things into one note, but the resulting note is a non-editable PDF. Then there is the cumbersome fall-back of switching between the Evernote and a browser. All of these solutions are terrible in their own way.

EverClip solves the basic problem in an elegant manner. Even on the PC, with a larger monitor and multiple window support, dragging and dropping is archaic. How much easier would Evernote be if it had it’s own web browser and clipping to support multiple items in the same note? The Evernote folks imagine the service as a replacement for scraps of paper. We users create tomes, replete with images, text, charts, tables, and links. The innovation that is EverClip is the support for combining massive amounts of information from disparate sources into one editable note. It works, just not without drawbacks.

Everclip takes EVERYTHING from the clipboard and saves it as little notes. The app runs for 10 minutes in the background before it must be restarted. There is a helpful notification when the 10 minutes are up. Tags can be set but the notebook destination is static, and I recommend creating a notebook just for Everclip. A minor limitation is not one of Everclip but of the tools for finding information to clip. As far as I know, there is no easy way to clip a portion of an image from a browser to copy and save in Everclip. PDFs, for example, are difficult to work with and require a combination of screenshots, cropping, and then copying form the Camera Roll. This is not the fault of Everclip but does show the continuing need for a comprehensive note taking program on the iPad that supports Evernote.

Though I will not knock an app’s rating based on price, I do have issue with the price here. Everclip does very little and is little more than a plug-in or helper program for Evernote. The iPhone version also seems to differ little from the iPad version, and the lack of a universal version seems more of a money grab than a technical limitation. Just sayin’.



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