Maxthon, Messing up a Good Thing

maxthonThe Maxthon browser has many touted cloud features that I did not care about. My sole purpose for downloading the app was to use the screenshot tool. The only way to take a screenshot on the iPad is to either capture the entire screen or use an app that supports selective clipping. The app Scrapnote, for instance, has a selective screenshot tool. This app is not a dedicated browser so you can forget about syncing bookmarks. Taking a screenshot of the entire page creates added workflow steps of opening the photo library, editing the photo, cropping, saving, and then deleting the duplicate in photo stream. What is missing, then, is a dedicated browser that supports selective screenshots. 

The Maxthon folks almost got this right. For such a useful tool, the screenshot button is hidden in a drop down menu. Then you have to select either full screen or selective capture. There is no default setting.

The selective capture lets you resize a rectangle down to a minimum size, and this minimum size is more often than not larger than the image I am trying to capture. The whole point of using Maxthon is to clean up my workflow, and if I have to crop the image in the photo library, then the whole Maxthon experience is a waste. As the plethora of cats show, the minimum capture size is 4 cats too many.

As for the other features of Maxthon, the cloud syncing and sharing features, many of those tools are better implemented in other browsers.

Dolphin has integration with Box and Evernote. Mercury Browser has Dropbox.  Both support downloading. Both have bookmark syncing with popular services. And both are better looking and more functional than Maxthon. The funny thing is, nearly all the browsers on the iPad are really just front ends for Safari. The only difference is the features they present. All Maxthon needs is one good distinguishing feature. It does not have it.



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