What Would Jimdo.com?

The limitations of the Jimdo iOS app are considerable. The alternatives to Jimdo, however, are similarly limited. With it’s one simple to use app, Jimdo.com has instantly become a leader in iOS web publishing. 

The Jimdo app connects to Jimdo.com, a website hosting service similar to WordPress.com or Apple’s old me.com (more on that below). First thing I tried when signing up was choosing “whatwould” as the site name. It was taken. The Jimdo.com site is fully featured and I can recommend it for anyone who does not want to deal with domain name registration and FTP uploads. 

error message

Though the desktop browser based editing of Jimdo.com is robust, the iOS app is not. On the iPhone, website posting and editing is limited to text, images, and image galleries. The iPhone app is completely shut out of blog or news style posting and widgets. Fortunately, the limited functions work very well. Photos are extremely easy to post and I could see Jimdo.com replacing sites touted as photo warehouses. Gallery posting is as easy as creating a new Photostream. Start a new gallery page, select the photos, and then wait for the upload. Unfortunately, like the ancient MobileMe galleries of long ago, photos can only be re-ordered from the Jimdo.com website. For once, I would like to see a service start out as full featured on iOS. In case developers didn’t know, there is a whole computer in those iDevices.

My standard for comparison is perhaps too high, as I will never be impressed with anything less than an iWeb like WYSIWYG website creator and full featured and super simply MobileMe like web hosting. For $99 a year, Apple once provided e-mail, web hosting, bookmark and keychain syncing, gorgeous web galleries, and 20GB of web storage on an internet drive you could actually mount on your PC or Mac. Because no good deed goes unpunished, folks called MobileMe a failure and Apple killed it. I dare you to find a service as robust as MobileMe. We like to think of the future as more advanced than the past and newer as always better. This is only true if we make it true.

You can see for yourself how the results can look at my Jimdo website here. And for a bit of nostalgia, below is a screen capture of the now defunct MobileMe galleries:



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