Most of the games on my iOS devices were once offered for free, and there is a good reason for that. Goop is an excellent example of a sub par game for iOS that no one should ever buy. The icon looks great and there is a sense that Goop is a quality game. Indded, the art is nicely done and the animations looks fun, like a real cartoon in motion. There is an old saying about lipstick and pigs, and playing the Goop is awful.

Regarding the animations, the frames are limited. The backgrounds are also highly limited and sparse. The game has the breadth of a demo. The art is nice and crisp, however, and at least this game does not look like a rip-off or a weekend project.

The problem with Goop is its tediously stupid gameplay. The characters march into the path of dripping goop.  You either drag a character to stop it or tap it to roll it. One drop on a little guy and the game is over. You go as long as you can. This is not fun. Please take my word for it. Too bad we can’t recycle the art into a better game.



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