We’ll Hello, Camera

Camera and photo apps for iOS are a dime a dozen. (Not literally, most are $0.99). Camera+ stands out as the gold standard for camera apps with features I actually use. However, a freebie I downloaded last week has an interesting set of art inspired photo effects. The ridiculously named Camera 360 Concept – HelloCamera turns photos into works of art. See for yourself:

The pose is courtesy of my 7 year old son, pretending he has a nail in his finger. The photograph is courtesy of my wife. The grid is courtesy of Diptic

Two side notes. One, HelloCamera is easy to use but other than the art effects, the app is unremarkable compared to Camera+. Two, iOS on the iPad will run the retina display version of iPhone apps, and for my iPad 2, this means iPhone, apps are full screen by default and look great. (Though I do prefer universal apps.)



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