Words of Annoyance

Full disclosure: Words of Wonder has everything I hate about contemporary games. In-app purcases. Fake currency. Facebook connections. On-line play only. In the future, we will look back at this period of games and cringe. Until then, we can avoid games like this.

The cruelty of a game like Words of Wonder is saddling a crushingly heavy bundle of profit friendly features onto an otherwise innocent and fun game. The in-app purchases make the developer money directly. The Facebook connection makes the developer money indirectly, by using the players as un-paid promoters. The on-line only play is baffling, as it does not appear to serve the needs of the developer or the player. Remove these no-fun features and the game itself would be pure bliss. Scrabble-like work making games are fun, and if you want to play a fun word game without any annoyance, I highly recommend a straight up word game like Dabble.

Think of the code monkeys making these games a realty. Many of them learned game development because they wanted to make great games. They start making great games and fell really good about themselves. Then some marketing demon tells them to add in-app purchases because in-app purchases make money. Then another marketing demon tells them to add Facebook because Facebook increases the market. The code monkeys stop feeling good about themselves. Some of them give up on their dream of making great games. Help the code monkeys; don’t download games like Words of Wonder. 



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