Pacific Rim

“Pacific Rim” is a movie made backwards. This is not a story that happens to have giant robots and giant monsters. The giant robots and giant monsters come first. The rest of the movie, including the story, was made to support the admittly awesome premise. Hence, the movie itself is pretty awful. 

Imagine a world beset by enormous 250 foot tall monsters. Considering the monsters are enormous un-missable targets, you might think the best way to defeat them would be dropping laser guided bunker busters from high altitude. Even better for us humans, all the monsters come out of the same hole on the ocean floor, so perhaps parking a destroyer over that hole and bombarding it with depth charges would be the most efficient method of monster disposal. Eventually, the monster hole would be so full of carcasses that no more monsters could crawl out. In the world of “Pacific Rim”, however, the most efficient way to dispose of a giant monster is by punching it in the face with a giant robot fist.

Let’s back up here. In our regular word, people have fought with vicious animals such as sharks, lions, and bears. Over the centuries, we have discovered that the most efficient way to deal with these regular sized monsters is to shoot them dead before they come into punching range. In all credulity, the giant robots in “Pacific Rim” should at least carry proportionally enormous guns. As for the giant robot versus monster fights in the movie, you have no sense of the enormous scale in the middle of the ocean during a rainstorm at night. Just sayin’.

The non-giant robot parts of the movie are just plain terrible. The scale of the fights is countered by the claustrophobic sets lit like a TV movie. Most of the actors look identical, particularly the protagonist apart from his Iceman like rival. The protaganist’s accent was puzzling. Was the character supposed to be American? I think the dramatic force of the movie was supposed to emanate from from the protagonist’s relationship with his new partner. He likes her immediately (as in at first sight) and she gladly becomes his partner. Dramatic force neutralized. Giant monsters defeated. No need for a sequel.



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