Downhill Supreme

True story: I had a mountain bike once. In addition to practical purposes, I used it to careen down muddy hills and through phalanxes of trees. I was always on the cusp of serious injury. The adrenaline rush was terrific. Then one day, my front tire slipped on a sandy trail and I fell chest first onto the end of the handle bars. The pain was terrific. By the next morning, my entire upper torso was a dark purple bruise. Lifting my arms above my head was impossible for the next month. Putting on a T-shirt was excruciating. Riding was of course impracticable. A couple of months after I healed, some jerk stole my bike. That was 10 years ago. I have not owned a bike since. But I have played Downhill Supreme.

Downhill Supreme is a fun 2-D mountain bike simulator. The tilt controls are great and the game play is refreshingly simple and free. There are no puzzles to suffer through here. The courses are thankfully short, as some of the later levels become repetitive as you have to re-do them until you exceed an arbitrarily set run time. The ubiquitous 3 star achievement system belies the polish of the graphics and physics. The game is also rather short. There is a promise of later levels, but then you cannot play promises. 


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