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Why I Hate

A true story: 

Of course, I have almost stopped reading Huffington Post too.


Days with Bee

For Kindergarten homework, my daughter brought home a stuffed bee for the weekend. 

Pokey Card

My son wanted to buy more Pokémon cards. He has one now. I told him we should make our own. He said we cannot do that because they would not count. Then he slept on it and Saturday morning was dedicated to making our own cards. My son is on his second series already.

Pokey Cards

Coolest Weapon Ever

My daughter played with K’NEX and my wife transcribed her soliloquy (I spelled that right on the first try).

I love how she has realistic expectations of success in her fantasy.

Coolest weapon ever

Get That Crayon

Inspired by real events.
get that crayon comic


Kid Made Comics

My daughter wanted to make a comic with Comic Life on my iPad. She had made some screenshots with the free Toca Tailor Fairy Tales app for the iPad, and my daughter chose these pics as the art assets. She selected the format, style, and all the dialogue. The comic appears to be about a princess in enduring some kind of existential crisis.
(BTW, I kept trying to add a link to the term “Toca Tailor Fairy Tales”, but Blogsy for iPad kept crashing on me. Here’s the link: )

Test Post with Blogsy

I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while. MobileMe died about a year and a half ago, and took my iWeb produced blog with it. My motto has always been to own your stuff, but self hosting a blog has many challenges, not the least of which is paying a hosting service. My wife asks if my blog or website would have any person beyond my own gratification. In fact, my own gratification is the sole purpose for posting my thoughts on the web.

Let this be a test of Blogsy, a $5 iPad app that is rated number one among blogging apps. For this test, I present a simple comic I made with Comic Life for the iPad.

Comic regarding the story "Stone Soup"

Stone Soup